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<p>Hello, I'm Tim Killeen and I live and work in St. Gallen in Eastern Switzerland.
My CV can be viewed here in <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/CVen.pdf">English</a> and <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/CVde.pdf">German</a>
You may be interested in my research in the fields of neurosurgery and clinical gait analysis:
<strong>PhD Thesis</strong><p>
Advanced Gait Analysis: Insights into human locomotor control. University of Zurich 2017. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/Thesis_final_online.pdf" target="_blank">here</a>
Killeen T, Easthope CS, Demkó L, Filli L, Lőrincz L, Linnebank M, Curt A, Zörner B, Bolliger M. Minimum toe clearance: probing the neural control of locomotion. Scientific Reports 2017: 49997. Available for free <a href="www.nature.com/articles/s41598-017-02189-y" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Easthope CS, Filli L, Linnebank M, Curt A, Bolliger M, Zörner B. Modulating arm swing symmetry with cognitive load: a window on rhythmic spinal locomotor networks in humans? J Neurotrauma 2017; 34(10): 1897-902, PMID: 27574966. Available to subscribers <a href="http://online.liebertpub.com/doi/10.1089/neu.2016.4554" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Easthope, CS, Filli L, Lőrincz L, Schrafl-Altermatt M, Brugger P, Linnebank M, Curt A, Zörner, B, Bolliger M. Increasing cognitive load attenuates right arm swing in healthy human walking. Royal Society Open Science 2017; 1: 160993. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/RSOS2017.pdf">here</a><p>
Filli L, Zörner B, Kapitza S, Reuter K, Lőrincz L, Weller D, Sutter T, Killeen T, Gruber P, Petersen J, Weller M, Linnebank M. Monitoring long-term efficacy of fampridine in gait-impaired patents with multiple sclerosis. Neurology 2017; 88: 1-10. Available to subscribers <a href="http://www.neurology.org/content/early/2017/02/01/WNL.0000000000003656.short" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Kockro RA, Killeen T, Ayyad A, Glaser M, Stadie A, Reisch R, Giese A, Schwandt E. Aneurysm surgery with pre-operative 3D planning in a virtual reality environment: Technique and outcome analysis. World Neurosurgery 2016; 96:489-99, PMID: 27609450. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/WN2016.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Kockro RA, Amaxopoulou C, Killeen T, Wagner W, Reisch R, Stadie A. Stereoscopic neuroanatomy lectures using a three-dimensional virtual reality environment. Annals of Anatomy 2015, 201: 91-98, PMID: 26245861. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/AA2015.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Banerjee S, Dabbagh Z, Francis D, Warren S, Vijay V.  Magnetic resonance pelvimetry as a predictor of operating time in laparoscopic resection of rectal cancer.  Surgical Endoscopy 2010; 24(12): 2974-9.  PMID: 20464426. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/SE2010.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Meier U, Ahmadi S, Killeen T, Al-Zain F, Lemcke J.  Long term outcomes following decompressive craniectomy for severe head injury.  Acta Neurochirurgica; Supplement 2008; 102: 29-31.   PMID: 19388283. Available to subscribers <a href="https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19388283" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Al-Zain F, Lemcke J, Killeen T, Meier U, Eisenschenk A.  Minimally invasive spinal surgery using nucleoplasty: a 1-year follow-up study.  Acta Neurochirurgica; 2008; 150: 1257-62. PMID:  19023515. Available to subscribers <a href="http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs00701-008-0150-z" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Baguley D, Killeen T, Wright J.  International Health Links: an evaluation of partnerships between health care organizations in the UK and developing countries.  Tropical Doctor 2006; 26: 149-54.  PMID: 16884618. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/TD2006.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
<strong>Case Reports</strong>
Killeen T, Fortunati M, Myanger E, Rüfenacht D, Ryskeldiyev N, Akshulakov S. Symptomatic tension pneumocephalus following Palacos® cranioplasty in a shunted patient. British Journal of Neurosurgery 2017; ePub ahead of print. Available to subscribers <a href="http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/02688697.2017.1317718" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Rosner J, Jutzeler CR, Heilbronner R, Curt A. Spontaneous resolution of an extensive post-traumatic syrinx. Neurology 2016; 87:1299-1301, PMID: 27543642. Available to subscribers <a href="http://www.neurology.org/content/early/2016/08/19/WNL.0000000000003130.short?rss=1" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Ryskeldiyev N, Olenbay G, Auezova R, Killeen T, Aldiyarova N, Akhmetzhanova Z, Cesnulis E, Akshulakov A. Brain tumor in an in-vitro fertilization-facilitated pregnancy: fourth ventricle anaplastic ependymoma in the second trimester. Journal of Neurological Surgery: Reports 2016; 77(2):86-88, PMCID: 4914713. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/CR2016.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Jucker D, Went P, Muthurajah V, Woon K, Cesnulis E, Czaplinski A.  Solitary tumour-like mass lesions of the central nervous system: primary angiitis of the CNS and inflammatory pseudotumour.  Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery 2015; 135: 34-7, PMID: 26010394. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/CR2015.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Popugaev KA, Savin IA, Oshorov AV, Kurdomova NV, Ershova ON, Lubnin AU, Kadashev BA, Kalinin PL, Kutin MA, Killeen T, Cesnulis E, Melieste R. Postsurgical meningitis complicated by severe refractory intracranial hypertension with limited treatment options: the role of mild therapeutic hypothermia. Journal of Neurological Surgery: Reports 2014; 75(2): 224-9. PMID: 25485219. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/CR2014.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Wanke I, Mangiardi J, Cesnulis E.  Ruptured, fusiform, distal lenticulostriate aneurysm causing intraventricular haemorrhage in a patient with antiphospholipid-negative Sneddon's syndrome.  Clinical Neurology and Neurosurgery 2014; 116: 80-2. PMID: 24300743. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/CR2014a.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Czaplinski A, Cesnulis E.  Extradural spinal cavernous malformation: a rare but important mimic.  British Journal of Neurosurgery 2014; 28(3): 340-6. PMID: 24073758. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/CR2014b.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Tromop-van-Dalen C, Alexander H, Wickremesekera A.  Bilateral retrocerebellar arachnoid cysts exerting mass effect and associated with cerebellar tonsillar ectopia in an otherwise healthy adult.  Neurologia medico-chirurgica 2013; 53(4): 266-9.  PMID: 23615422. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/CR2013.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Kamat A, Walsh D, Parker A, Aliashkevich A.  Severe adhesive arachnoiditis resulting in progressive paraplegia following obstetric bupivicaine spinal anaesthesia: a case report and review.  Anaesthesia 2012; 67: 1386-94.  PMID: 23061983. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/CR2012.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T. 3D kinematic gait analysis and (micro)structural MRI of the brain and spinal cord - experimental applications and outlook for neurosurgical diagnosis and treatment. Neurosurgical Symposium, Neurosurgical Clinic, University Hospital Tübingen, Germany, 9th November 2015.<p>
Killeen T, Schmidt C, Lὄrincz L, Filli L, Curt A, Bolliger M, Zörner B. Ambulation following spinal cord injury: mechanisms of recovery. 55th Scientific Meeting of the Anglo-German Medical Society, Berlin, Germany, 4th – 7th September 2014.<p>
Killeen T, Navalkissoor S, Buscombe J, Hall M.  Voice recognition systems can cut nuclear medicine report turnaround time but may lead to more transcription errors [Abstract].  Nuclear Medicine Communications 2010; 31: 437-75, doi: 10.1097/MNM.0b013e328339ef84. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/ABS2010.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Banerjee S, Vijay V, Dabbagh Z, Francis D, Warren S.  Magnetic Resonance (MR) pelvimetry as a predictor of operating time in laparoscopic resection of rectal cancer.  17th International Congress of the European Association for Endoscopic Surgery.  Prague, Czech Republic, 17th – 20th June 2009.<p>
Baguley D, Killeen T.  International Health Links: an evaluation of partnerships between health care organizations in the UK and developing countries.  1st International NHS Links Conference.  Leeds, UK, 11th March 2005.<p>
Easthope CS, Killeen T, Lörincz L, Schrafl-Altermatt M, Filli L, Curt A, Zörner B, Bolliger M. Arm swing symmetry during dual-task walking: a window on the human CPG? 55th ISCoS Meeting, Vienna, Austria, 14. – 16. September 2016. Available <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/poster4.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Easthope CS, Filli L, Curt A, Bolliger M, Zörner B. Characterising foot clearance under dual task locomotor conditions. TRCR Summer School, Brissago, Switzerland, August 2016. Available <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/poster5.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Easthope CS, Lὄrincz L, Schrafl-Altermatt M, Filli L, Curt A, Zörner B, Bolliger M. Arm swing during healthy gait: a verbal dual-task attenuates right arm swing. 21st Congress of the International Society for Electrophysiology and Kinesiology. Chicago, USA. 4. – 7. Juli 2016. Available <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/poster3.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Schmidt C, Lὄrincz L, Bircher A, Meyer C, Weller D, Curt A, Linnebank M, Filli L, Zörner B, Bolliger M. Towards the human kinetome: gait analysis correlates of central nervous system lesions. [Poster] International KFSP Meeting 2015. Ittingen, Switzerland. 5th – 7th March 2015. Available <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/poster 2a.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Huber E, Grabher, Killeen T, Trachsler A, Bolliger M, Draganski B, Weiskopf N, Thompson A, Curt A, Freund P. Plasticity of grey and white matter in response to motor skill training in healthy individuals and those with spinal cord injury. [Poster] 17th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Neuroscience. Fribourg, Switzerland. 24th January 2015. <p>
Killeen T, Schmidt C, Lὄrincz L, Kapitza S, Reuter K, Meyer C, Weller D, Awai L, Filli L, Curt A, Bolliger M, Zörner B. GaitPortfolio Zurich: Investigating human locomotion in health and neurological disease. [Poster] European MD-PhD Meeting 2014. Brunnen, Switzerland, 11th – 13th July 2014. Available <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/Poster_1_final.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Czaplinski A, Cesnulis E.  Extradural spinal cavernous malformation: a review and presentation of a typical case. Imperial Spine Course, Royal College of Surgeons.  London, England, 6th – 8th March 2013. Available <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/Cavernoma_Poster.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
<strong>Other stuff</strong>
Killeen T, Dietz V, Curt A, Bolliger M. The orator’s gait…? Response to “Gunslinger’s gait”: a new cause of unilaterally reduced arm swing, BMJ 2015; 351. Available <a href="http://www.bmj.com/content/351/bmj.h6141/rr-9" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T.  Grüezi aus Zurich.  Medicine Matters 2013; 37: 17-19. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/MAG2012.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Baguley D, Killeen T, Lewis G, Nicholson B, Martineau F.  New global health directions for all health professionals.  Alma Mata Journal of Global Health 2009; 1(1): 26-30. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/NPR2009.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T, Kirwan D, Martineau F, Nicholson BD.  Letter of the Month: Time for action.  BMJ Careers 2007: Nov; 188. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/MAG2007.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>  
Baguley D, Lewis G, Killeen T, Martineau F, Nicholson B.  Tooke brings focus but no solutions to those seeking global health work within MMC.  BMJ Careers Online Oct 2007. Available <a href="http://www.bmj.com/rapid-response/2011/11/01/tooke-brings-focus-no-solutions-those-seeking-global-health-work-within-mm" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T.  Travelling Man:  Establishing Erasmus-funded medical exchanges. Student BMJ 2006; 14: 154-5. Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/NPR2006.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
Killeen T (ed.) International Health Links Conference: Summaries, reflections and feedback (2005). Download pdf <a href="http://www.timkilleen.com/files/DH1.pdf" target="_blank">here</a><p>
<strong>Interesting links:</strong><p>
<a href="http://www.angloswissmedical.info/">Anglo-Swiss Medical Society</a><p>
<a href="http://circumnavigators.org/">Circumnavigator's Club</a><p>
<a href="http://balgrist.ch/en/Home/Zentrum-fuer-Paraplegie.aspx">The Spinal Cord Injury Center at University Hospital Balgrist</a> <p>